We provide talent placement and advice for emerging technologies, technology control development and controls remediation programs.

We provide advice on finding the talent for you to support these technologies.

Leveraging a network built over the past 30 years, in the financial services industry, across four major sectors - Banking, Asset Management, Insurance and Commercial Real Estate - MetroInnovates helps companies find the talent they are seeking to get better at controls and emerging technology.

But what does "better at controls" really mean? It means you have staff that are knowledgeable of internal controls, and, more specifically, Information Technology General Controls (ITGCs) and Automated Application Controls. We specialize in finding talent with deep experience in these areas. They come from external and internal audit, first- and second-line controls, and IT operations and compliance backgrounds.

Who are we?

Scott Metro founded MetroInnovates to leverage his 35+ years experience in industry, consulting, and external auditing. During that time, Scott served small and large banks, asset managers, and private and public commercial real estate firms. Since Scott's area of expertise ranges from systems development to auditing to financial services compliance, his personal network, naturally, exists in those areas.
Scott started his career in community / regional banking, moved on to Chase Manhattan Bank's compliance audit function, served as the lead internal auditor for a large, Japanese global custodian, led technology development for a large alternative asset servicer, and, finally, served 26 years, the last 20 as a partner, with PwC in both the consulting and audit functions. Scott is a skilled developer - so he knows technology - and is also a CPA (NY, CT, MA) and CISA - - so he also knows controls.
All of this has contributed to a large network that Scott can tap into to find the best and brightest resources for his clients.

What We Offer


What We Offer

Position-Specific Search

You have a role you need to fill. For a fee, we leverage our network to find you candidates.

Retained Search

You have a specific role to fill, or possibly need to build out a team. We collect a retainer and you get our team, including our affiliated firms, devoting significant energy to filling your needs as quickly as possible. Your retainer is applied to your fee when we find your ideal candidate.


You're restacking your deck and you want to help redundant staff with a soft landing. We offer outplacement services and counseling to help your excess resources find their next dream position.

Your next IT or internal controls candidate is ready for you... let us source that candidate!

Emerging Technology Advisory



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